Our Mission


Keep Up was born to provide a high quality premium service that, as company managers for more than 20 years, we expected from the executive search, recruitment and human resources consultancy market in general. For this reason, we decided to create our own project and already, in our history, we have proven to give that response of quality of service by providing our accumulated experience in people management.


Ethics, rigor and self-improvement are in our DNA, constantly to search for new variables in our work methodology (incorporating artificial intelligence, digitalization and the variables of a constantly changing environment), adapting to change and the evolution of forms of business organization and new profiles. All of this is always aimed at achieving the best results and the total satisfaction of our clients.

Our mission is to provide you with an excellent service, working as a team as if we were part of your own organization. Because only from the inside can we understand 100% of your needs. Your success, our success. 


Shall we start?