Our Mission

Keep Up was born to provide a high quality premium service, which as company managers for more than 20 years we expected from the executive search, recruitment and human resources consultancy in general. For this reason, we decided to create our own project and already, in our history, we have shown that we can provide that quality of service by contributing our accumulated experience in people management.

Our mission is to provide you with an excellent service, working as a team as if we were part of your own organisation. Because only from the inside can we understand 100% of your needs. Your success, our success. Shall we get started?


We put ourselves in your shoes, because we have been there. We have experienced it in managerial positions and we know every detail of the problems of each process. We are driven by our proximity to our clients, and this helps us to understand not only your needs, but also your concerns, your doubts and your worries.


We know what we are talking about. More than 20 years of experience give us a broad perspective on how to manage your project. We have experienced situations similar to yours, so it is easy for us to understand your concerns about the partner you choose.


Success is achieved through teamwork and commitment. Our passion makes us feel part of your team. We are directly responsible for our work and we exude ethics, rigour, commitment and professional and emotional involvement with our clients. We want you to be the best of our references.

Some companies that have trusted us with their "talent searches".

A new way of understanding Executive Search and Talent Recruitment.